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Within Pickens Technical College’s Human Services pathway is the Esthetician program, which centers on preparing students for a career in the beauty business. While you’re learning about skincare, hair removal, spa facials, and advanced services like professional makeup, facial massage, and aromatherapy, you’re building your experience so you can break into this rewarding and fulfilling field. PTC’s Esthetician Program is all about the Esthetician Certificate, which allows you to prove that you’re able to help people by providing beauty and skincare services, and puts you on the path towards a great career.

One way you can make a splash after Pickens is by founding your own beauty parlor or spa. In Denver, there are multiple examples of successful businesses like this that have taken off because of the quality of services provided and their unique offerings.

Let’s examine one small spa business in Denver in particular, one famous for providing what has been called “Denver’s best facial.”

Sesen Spa in Uptown

Sesen Spa is located in Uptown, founded by Stacy Webb, a “skincare geek” and paramedical esthetician. Webb has cultivated a non-pretentious, relaxing atmosphere for her clients, offering them herbal tea when they walk in and utilizing Feng Shui spatial techniques in all areas of her spa.

Webb earned a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology from the University of North Carolina, and her ecological background informs her decisions when it comes to ingredients for her products and her modified skincare services. Webb is an experienced esthetician, having earned her Para-Medical Esthetician License from the International School of Esthetics, and her Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner’s Certificate. Webb is also a certified nutritionist, which further inspires her to develop skincare treatments that help her clients’ entire bodies. Webb has never been afraid to think outside the box for her skin treatments and is always looking for healthy, natural alternatives to many skin and nutritional treatments.

“Sesen” is derived from the Egyptian word for Lotus flower, revered in ancient times as a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and beauty. Webb’s desire to return to truly holistic and natural practices likely inspired her spa’s name.

The Triple Threat Facial

Webb’s signature service is the triple threat facial, which she created back in 2014. Webb took the three-part anti-aging process she learned and bundled it all together for her clients into one facial package.

Step one of the triple threat facial is not uncommon: exfoliating microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells. Step two is where Webb gets creative: the skin is then perforated with extremely fine needles to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. After some soothing serum, Webb moves on to step three: LED therapy. LEDs have been shown to be effective in limiting pain, inflammation, and edema in some studies.

What You Can Do

If Stacy Webb’s spa and her unique facial techniques have shown anything, it’s that, as an esthetician, the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity and success when you start your career on the right foot.