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JR Butler is a glass and fenestration construction company based in Englewood that has hired several Pickens Technical College graduates in the past, and its leaders continue to look for recent PTC graduates that fit in with the company’s culture. JR Butler strives to consistently improve their services by working closely with clients on achieving architects’ design intents, helping property owners maximize the value of their property, and allowing contractors to build quality structures faster and more efficiently. These are great services, but you’re not a property developer, so what does JR Butler look for in potential employees?

JR Butler is always looking for the best engineers, designers, and planners to perform needed work in their technologically advanced manufacturing facility. Its employees also install high-quality products on time consistently. JR Butler Director of Field Operations Felix Mestas says that he meets many prospective employees at job fairs and other events at PTC and is always on the hunt for specific skill sets depending on what the company needs. But aside from looking for welders for welding projects and machinists for machining jobs, Mestas is interested in work ethic and a commitment to personal growth.

Felix Mestas loves interacting with PTC students at job fairs because he enjoys learning about what they are passionate about, what their dreams are, and how they plan to achieve them. JR Butler has two leadership programs designed to develop the company’s next generation of executives and visionaries that will continue the company’s mission. Mestas is a graduate himself of the Elite program at JR Butler, which schools a select group of promising employees in professional attitude, personal finance skills, and proper decorum. Veritas, JR Butler’s crash course in the leadership program, develops leaders with an 18-month experiential course.

Let’s get back to what Felix Mestas and his fellow leaders at JR Butler look for in new employees (the information you’re looking for). Besides specific skills, Mestas says that “something that we try to root out is work ethic. We see this show up through hobbies or clubs or projects that students pursue in their free time.” He says that many prospective employees don’t always mention their hobbies or other activities they are passionate about because they feel they don’t apply to the job. Mestas often has to ask people at job fairs about their passions (other than working for JR Butler, of course). Above all, he looks for people who are committed to themselves and their future. “Commitment to self-improvement is easy to talk about, but much harder to actually do. Those that are committed to hard work and personal growth can have a very bright future with us,” he told me.

So, if you’re a PTC student, a prospective student, or a recent graduate, you may be able to start a career with an expanding company committed to helping its employees grow and develop with it. One shining example of a successful PTC graduate at JR Butler, according to Mestas, is Joy Davidson, now an “instrumental member of our design department,” says Mestas. Mestas says that Davidson is in the Elite Program at JR Butler and that she worked her way from the machining department to the design department with the work ethic that he looks for. If you want to be like Davidson and get an excellent career with a successful company like JR Butler, check out PTC’s excellent offerings of occupational education programs.