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Graphic Design and Photography make up the Pickens Technical College Arts, Media, and Communication Pathway for students. Both of these programs are always filled with eager students who want to use their artistic skills to create a career for themselves.

With these types of jobs and careers, the competition is fierce, but there are multiple ways to get a foothold. Students in both the Graphic Design and Professional Photography classes can strike out for themselves as a freelancer, or jump aboard one of the many companies in Colorado and the Denver area that need skilled visual and digital artists.

Graphic Design is a rising profession that many try to break into and many more fail to make it. It’s about skills, of course, but in many cases, it’s about finding one’s own style and niche to market oneself. The Graphic Design course at Pickens, taught by instructor John Lawson, is built to give all students the chance to develop their own artistic skills and style in their own portfolios, which they develop throughout the class and can share with prospective employers.

What Does it Take to be a Graphic Designer?

You could say this about many industries these days, but graphic designers need to be able to use the latest digital features and technology. It’s especially important for graphic design because what often separates one candidate from another in a hiring manager’s eyes is their ability to use whatever software they have.

Training in multiple visual art programs is tricky because there are new features and innovations popping up and improving graphic design processes all the time. Instructor John Lawson has to stay on top of the latest features and programs to prepare his students. The Graphic Design program at Pickens, of course, puts students in front of as much new and cutting-edge design technology as possible so they can develop skills using programs they’ll be expected to know when they apply for jobs.

Above all, graphic design is about what you produce. At the end of the day, your salary, no matter where you work, will depend on if your bosses or clients are satisfied with your finished product. Students in the Graphic Design program get more than the basics for designing visual products they can be proud of.

Career Prospects for a Graphic Designer

For Pickens students who graduate from the Graphic Design program, career prospects are relatively sunny in Colorado. Although the average salary for graphic designers in the state is four percent lower than the national average, it’s still a healthy $50,251 with additional bonuses and cash compensation figures beyond that. Entry-level positions in this industry command good salaries, too: Assistant Graphic Designers make an average of $44,000, with even interns raking in $40,000 to start.

Graphic designers can do what they love and create a lucrative career out of it. The hard part is getting your foot in the door. Pickens can help you develop the skills and competencies you’ll need to get started.