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Probably the fastest-growing industry in the Denver area and across the state is the construction industry. The Denver metro area is full of new construction projects erecting new apartment buildings, condos, and more. But throughout the state, construction companies are thriving and looking constantly for workers.

After graduating from Pickens Technical College’s Construction Technology program, you’ll know how to work on a construction site in many capacities, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn the Construction Technology Certificate and the Advanced Methods Certificate, opening doors for you at one of the many construction firms looking for skilled workers. Hands-on experience on real construction sites backed by instructor Greg Shamburg will take you a long way in your construction career.

What’s happening in the local construction scene right now? Just how favorable is the construction market for new workers? Let’s take a look.

Job Prospects for Construction Technology Graduates

Even with prodigious growth and new buildings coming along everywhere, the construction industry as a whole in Colorado is still struggling to fill all of its available positions. The general average of construction workers’ salary in Denver right now is just over $50,000 a year. That’s 39% above the national average, according to Glassdoor. Construction companies are paying premiums to lure new workers. Of course, salaries increase greatly if you have specialized training and experience. Inspectors, superintendents, and claims managers all command larger salaries. You can begin your journey to one of these higher positions in the construction industry with the training you’ll get in Pickens’ Construction Technology program.

Construction Companies in the News

Construction companies all over the state are positioning themselves for more projects and more work. There’s also a major push to create innovative new construction technologies and systems that will change how construction projects move from start to finish and affect the look of construction sites everywhere.

The use of prefabricated and preassembled building components and materials has already disrupted the construction industry, but there are still problems with the delivery of these materials, which engineers are working on improving.

One company, in particular, to watch for is HomeSphere, a local leader in construction technology. This year, ColoradoBiz Magazine named HomeSphere the top construction and engineering company in the state. HomeSphere beat out hundreds of other construction companies for the honor, and its main product, a digital marketplace facilitating connections and commerce between homebuilders and product manufacturers—the kind of technology that could revolutionize the relationship between architects, construction workers, and everyone else involved in construction in the future. HomeSphere’s platform includes a digital inventory of all the products in every home built by the more than 2,500 builders participating in the program.

HomeSphere and companies like it are working on improving the construction industry on a massive level. Construction jobs are lucrative and plentiful, allowing new graduates to take their pick according to their needs and wants. Overall, it’s an exciting time to be in the Construction Technology program at Pickens.