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Microtek is a local Denver-area business providing tool kits and other materials for use in tech classes in the area. The business is now offering its tools to Pickens Technical College students in the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program for discount prices. Microtek’s leadership made a deal with PTC HVAC instructor Wayne Blackwell to help students get the materials they need to earn their HVAC technician certifications and serve a community that needs HVAC. (The high for yesterday was 93 degrees, people, and remember that one December when the temperature didn’t rise into double digits for about a week?)

The HVAC department at PTC is geared towards two main objectives: getting students as much hands-on experience as possible, and getting students prepared to take and pass the HVAC technician licensing exam. In order to accomplish these objectives for students, PTC provides tools and other materials for the students to practice their newfound skills. He reached out to Microtek to see if the company could provide training tool kits to his students at a low price. Microtek agreed, and now all HVAC students at PTC have what they need to start servicing heating and cooling systems.

With this new partnership, students can acquire tools at a better price which helps them reach their goals. Blackwell’s students’ time is precious and it’s up to him to help them get as much as possible out of their classroom experience and their hands-on practicing experience as possible. Working as an HVAC technician is not an easy profession. It’s even more difficult if the equipment you’re using is less-than-standard. If you’re using faulty or worn equipment to learn how to fix an air conditioning unit, you won’t know how to properly fix one when you start your career as an HVAC technician. Microtek is happy to help Blackwell’s students be the best they can be.

These days, most HVAC technicians have to earn their Environmental Protection Agency certification. This is because federal law requires all HVAC technicians working with ozone compounds found in AC devices to be certified to properly dispose of and handle them. Although these dangerous compounds are being found in fewer and fewer devices, not having EPA certification can be a detriment in a technician’s career. Blackwell ensures that his students are well-prepared to handle refrigerants and gain EPA certifications so they can help customers no matter what kind of AC units they have. Colorado HVAC technicians also have an option to earn Industry Competency Exam (ICE) certification to work in the state and Pickens’ courses prepare students to pass these tests as well. Now with the help of Microtek providing top-notch tool kits to his students.

In addition, PTC students are allowed to intern with Aurora public schools Master Technicians to learn directly from people in the field while Anschutz University and Cherry Creek Schools have paid internship programs as well. Such a great benefit to the students!