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PTC’s Professional Photography program gives students the chance to get started in a creative career field and teaches them skills that they will be able to apply to their future workplace. There is a huge variety of careers and types of photographers that come out of the program, and students flourish in a multitude of styles like still-life, portraiture, landscape, and everything in between.

The skills you’ll learn in Erik Schubert’s class will set you up for a great career in photography, obviously, but many of the competencies you’ll learn to go far beyond the studio. We encourage students in interpersonal communication and organizational skills which can lead to apprenticeship opportunities, and even inspire future freelancers and business owners.  

If you need a real-life example, let’s take a look at Denver-based freelance photographer Nicole Marcelli.

Nicole lives and works in the Denver area with a passion for fashion photography who also has quite a portfolio of beautiful wedding portraits. The way that she is able to capture special moments in the lives of her subjects is impressive, and the energy she manages to evoke is unique – even for subject matter that makes for a competitive environment.

You can check out her portfolio so you can get a real sense of her work.

Though unfortunately, we can’t claim Nicole as a Pickens alum, we can guarantee that she has used skills like the ones we prioritize to find success. Booking shoots, marketing yourself and having the technical know-how to impress clients are undoubtedly the building blocks of Nicole’s personal brand.

They also happen to be some of the core skills you’ll learn in the Professional Photography program right here at Pickens Tech.