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Pickens Technical College’s Marketing pathway was focused on the hospitality industry, but recent program changes have shifted that focus to more marketing concepts and to help students gain a more well-rounded understanding of marketing in all sectors. This course will help you start a lucrative career as a marketing expert, particularly in the large and growing hospitality and tourism industry here in Colorado. 

One of the concepts you’ll learn in the Marketing course is how quickly new technology and ideas proliferate in this industry. In some cases, one company that changes what they offer or the capabilities they give to their clients can have a huge effect on marketing and customer service everywhere, particularly in hospitality and tourism.

To highlight how fast the hospitality industry and the marketing industry as a whole can shift because of new technology, let’s look at TravelNet Solutions and their recent announcement of a big sale.

Retreatia Holdings Switches to TRACK

Retreatia Holdings is a vacation rental company with numerous properties available in Colorado. They and the North Carolina company Village Realty converted all their digital property management functions to TRACK, an integrated software, and marketing system developed by TravelNet Solutions. It was a huge win for TravelNet, obviously, which shows you how valuable user-friendly marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions can be in this industry. But it also illustrates how new technology can quickly change how these hospitality companies do business. 

TRACK integrates all customer communications, billing, reservations, and more into one enterprise-level software solution. With it, hospitality companies can easily track payments and reservations while quickly communicating with customers at every step of the way. The idea is to make it easier for workers to book properties and answer questions, as well as manage occupancy for multiple properties, and even regions, at once. 

Retreat Holdings is made up of two companies: Retreat, which serves Steamboat Springs, and Great Western Lodging, in Breckenridge. The capability of managing different properties in different places at once is too important to pass up. 

Importance of Technology in all Marketing

Hospitality companies have to keep track of many things at once. From maintaining their properties, managing reservations and occupancy, and billing, an integrated system in which they have control of all these operations from one dashboard is extremely valuable. And that’s before they even start to design their digital marketing strategies. 

But the hospitality industry isn’t the only one to place an extremely high value on cutting-edge, fully integrated sales and CRM software. In all industries, companies are trying to differentiate themselves by getting a technological advantage over their competitors. Having all the bells and whistles at their disposal is one thing, but hiring and retaining experts who can use that software effectively is now also a key factor that companies are taking seriously. That’s where you come in. 

As the marketing landscape evolves with new technology seemingly every week, you’ll need the marketing savvy and skill you’ll learn in the Pickens Marketing course. All you need to do now is get started.