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The Mobile App Development program at Pickens Technical College not only sets you up to earn your certificate in mobile coding, but it also helps you develop an app ready for purchase and use. You can take your project and start your own business with it or sell it off. The point of the program is to envelop you in experience and support so that you can start a successful career in the booming industry of mobile development and apps.

Many companies need your expertise in building apps for users of all kinds. You can be hired to be a mobile developer for one company or work as a freelancer for several companies at once, depending on how you want to build your experience and career. Many small businesses could benefit from a simple app that makes their products or services more accessible. Many more don’t realize the benefits of mobile app development or don’t see how it can help them. As a mobile app developer, you can show potential clients that apps are the wave of the future. There are many opportunities out there for people who can develop apps.

The app development field, however, is always changing. With new technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) affecting how apps are being developed and used, there will be many opportunities for growth in this industry, as technology continues to progress. Your education and experience at PTC will prepare you for rapid changes in this industry.

Artificial Intelligence Is the Future

You could say AI is the future in many contexts, but particularly in mobile app development, where AI is being used to develop algorithms and predict user behavior. Developers are using AI and machine learning, an application of AI, to develop more sophisticated apps that are able to adapt to their users and predict their behavior to make the apps easier to use. AI is also being used to find and fix bugs in mobile app software.

User data is a key area of AI development in this field. With the ability to drill down into app user data and find out exactly how customers are using the app and what problems they’re running into, developers can roll out patches and fixes much faster.

Developers are incorporating AI technology into the apps themselves to make them more intuitive to use. Apple even offers mobile app developers proprietary Machine Learning frameworks so they can build an AI-intuitive app from the start that helps users get the most out of the app at every turn.

Learning New Skills

Mobile app developers have adapted to the wider use and integration of machine learning and other AI applications. It’s an exciting time to be an app developer because as these tools become more powerful and in wider use, you’ll have more opportunities to build powerful, intuitive apps after your time at Pickens, where you’ll learn the latest tools and methods for building incredible apps people will love to use.