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Pickens Technical College’s Nail Technician program is making the best out of a bad situation. The course was created to help prepare new nail technicians for entry into a booming industry in Colorado and throughout the United States. But with COVID-19 shutting down most nail salons and spas, there’s no way to tell how the industry will emerge from this crisis. 

Still, learning about PTC’s nail tech program is a great way to start a new career. No matter how long the shut-down orders persist, people will eventually need their nails done. How might the COVID pandemic affect nail technician jobs going forward? 

House Calls

Even now, some nail and hair salons are sending their workers to the homes of their customers. These house call appointments are still less than ideal, both for safety and customer satisfaction. Customers have to have proper safety equipment and the space to have the work done. The stylists themselves have to possess the proper equipment to perform their work as well. 

These services likely won’t be enough to keep many businesses afloat during this epidemic, but if nothing else, they show that nail technicians and other beauty industry workers are doing all they can to help people and keep their jobs.

What the Future Holds

No one knows for certain how much damage will be done to the nail technician profession and the beauty industry as a whole. Even though some workers are offering in-home services, the vast majority of nail technicians are out of work. The nail technician sector of the beauty industry is in free-fall. 

With so much uncertainty, it’s impossible to predict how nail technicians will come out of the COVID-19 mess. Many customers are trying to prop up their favorite nail businesses by buying gift cards and helping them reach a wider customer base by liking their Facebook pages and sharing social media posts. This won’t be enough, again, to keep many, or even most nail salons open when social distancing protocols finally abate. It will be up to the resiliency of the workers themselves to pull themselves and the industry out of the depths. 

There will still be demand for beauty services of all kinds, perhaps even more once the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Having a great start in this industry with Pickens’ Nail Tech program will make you a valuable new employee for businesses desperate to resume their operations once more. 

PTC is Still Here

PTC is still trying to prepare students for when the world opens up again, whenever that may be. No one is happy with our current state at the moment, but Pickens is a great place to start the long road to building a better life for yourself when the craziness ends. Being a student in any discipline is difficult right now. Be proactive and start researching ways to help yourself recover quickly from the difficult consequences of the COVID pandemic.