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Pickens Technical College’s Respiratory Therapy program sets you up for success in an industry that will demand more specialists for the foreseeable future. Respiratory problems are a rising problem for many people in the United States and all over the world. Being in a position to work in this field will give you plenty of opportunities to help people struggling with respiratory issues as these problems become more common in many populations. 

PTC’s Respiratory Therapy program is set up a little differently than most other Pickens courses. The course is completed in conjunction with the Community College of Aurora, which means you’ll have to register with CCA to take the course. The CCA and the PTC sections of the class will both need to be completed to earn credits. Another unique way this class is set up is that it offers you two options upon completion. You can earn an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Respiratory Theory, which will get you in the door for some professional positions, or you can transfer your credits to Metro State University via a special partnership with PTC to earn your Bachelor’s degree. Either way, you’ll be eligible to take the Registered Respiratory Therapist Exams.

No matter which option you choose, there will be high demand in the coming years for your services as a Respiratory Therapist. 

A Rising Threat

Asthma is becoming more common around the world. Already affecting millions, factors like air pollution have made the respiratory condition more widespread around the world. According to a study by Business Wire, the market for one type of asthma treatment, asthma spacers, is expected to grow around the world by nearly $300 million, showing the growing prevalence of this chronic disease. 

Part of this massive projected increase is because of online retail options for patients seeking care and greater access to these products and treatments overall. But the demand for these products sends a clear message: many more people are dealing with respiratory issues around the world. 

As more people start to contract asthma and other lung and respiratory issues, they’ll need more care from responsible professionals at every level of the medical system. This starts with respiratory therapists and goes up to physicians and doctors. It might be hysterical to call the rise in respiratory issues around the world an epidemic, but the medical industry as a whole has a huge demand for specialists who can work with a sharply rising amount of people with respiratory issues. 

A Way to Make a Difference

 It’s difficult to see a bright side in the rising numbers of respiratory conditions around the world, but if you want to make a real difference in your community, going to work as a respiratory therapist is a surefire way to have an impact. Pickens offers you a few different ways to do it, either by gaining more immediate experience in the field or going on to further education. No matter where your career path takes you, Pickens offers you a great place to start.