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At Pickens Technical College’s Facilities Maintenance Technician program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what makes a successful maintenance technician. This is a job that is crucial in many places, particularly commercial facilities that need to run efficiently to exist at all. There are many opportunities for skilled maintenance personnel, for large companies and small ones. Colorado has many jobs available for skilled technicians who can ensure their clients’ operations run as smoothly as possible. 

A successful facilities maintenance technician has to do a little of everything. You must learn a little carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, major appliances repair, HVAC, and how to repair and operate other mechanical systems. Successful technicians know how to come into a situation and repair sometimes extremely sophisticated equipment and systems quickly with the resources available to them. 

As you rise in the maintenance technician profession, you might find yourself the head of a maintenance team, which has many added responsibilities and challenges of its own. Still, to be successful, you may have to operate in this team-first arena. Pennsylvania facilities maintenance technician and team leader Brian Poveromo is an example of a success story on this level.

The Art of Team Building

You’ll be more focused on learning the skills of the trade-in Mike Roloff’s Facilities Technician class, but eventually, you may be asked to build and lead a team of technicians in a high-pressure environment. That’s the challenge that Poveromo took on as the team leader of an American Eagle Outfitters distribution center in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

“Finding bodies doesn’t build a team. It’s only a place to start,” said Poveromo. He explained that many of the original technicians left after they realized American Eagle was a high-velocity facility, unlike their previous positions. “We just weren’t the right place for them.”

A ‘high-velocity facility’ means materials are flying around constantly, and it’s crucial for the maintenance techs to maintain peak efficiency for American Eagle and any of its distribution centers to be successful. 

When Poveromo started at American Eagle in 2015, he had nine technicians on staff. Today, he has 27. Since his facility is extremely fast-paced, his team has to work with American Eagle operations staff to get them what they need when they need it. Poveromo says that the job requires a good deal of technical ability, sure, but it also requires what the professional experts call ‘soft skills.’ Being able to work with people and help solve their problems is a much-needed skill that all facilities maintenance technicians must possess to get ahead in this industry. 

Working as a team in a high-pressure environment is also a highly-prized skill that will get you far as a maintenance technician. 

Pickens and Beyond

The machines will not fix themselves, so you’ll need to learn how to work with complex mechanical systems to be an effective maintenance tech. Luckily, you’ll get all the training you need from Pickens’ Facilities Maintenance Technician course.