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Polished Hair and Nails is a well-regarded hair and nails salon in Denver that demands excellence from its employees. Owner Lisa Hintgen provides fast, easy, yet relaxing hair and nail beauty services to her community near the border of Stapleton. “With everyone leading such busy lives, it is wonderful to be able to get your most important grooming services done at the same time,” she says.

Pickens Technical College is a great training ground for Polished Hair and Nails because its cosmetology program is dedicated to putting its students in real-world situations doing real work on real customers. Students in this program can also practice their skills by working at PTC’s very own salon, a great place for them to train and hone their skills, as well as get a beautiful manicure.

The PTC Cosmetology Program is designed to first train all students in the concepts and small skills they will need to work at a local business like Polished Hair and Nails, get their students the required number of hours and training to be certified as a cosmetology professional, and practice in real-world settings.

Instructor Shirleen Woods has 20 years of teaching experience and over 35 total years of experience in the cosmetology field. Her students are always prepared to get their start in the cosmetology field, and local companies like Polished Hair and Nails are happy to hire students from PTC’s cosmetology classrooms.

Some of Woods’ students took part in this year’s SkillsUSA program, a competition in all kinds of career skills that pits the best students in areas like cosmetology and even automotive proficiencies against each other. Three of Woods’ students made the national competition in cosmetology. Woods says that the competition, like her own classroom, “prepares the students for taking the State exam and a career in this field because the competition develops their ability to work under stressful conditions.” She says that her students have to “learn to be flexible and adaptable because clients may change their mind at the last minute regarding the service they want and as a professional, you have to be ready to handle that gracefully.”

By the time you reach graduation from PTC’s Cosmetology Program, you’ll already be experienced in how to deal with difficult customers, how to make people happy with your nail and hair work, and even how to run a proper nail and hair business. This experience and skill are invaluable to Polished Hair and Nails owner Hintgen, who is always looking for skilled workers to put her business on the map and continue to grow in its community near Stapleton.

Polished Hair and Nails is one of the many businesses in the Denver area that greatly appreciates the professional skills that PTC students walk into the labor pool with. You can learn the skills that will get you a position with a local business at PTC. The Cosmetology Program is only one of many examples of PTC departments that link students directly to employers.