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There are several new faces in the Career Services Office at Pickens Technical College for the upcoming school year. They are here to help you find the perfect fit for your interests & career goals and then support your employment search or your next step in your education. Jenise Rosa, Raechel Anderson, and Lori Loretta are setting up a shop to help you find a great career after PTC.

The Career Services Office helps students build their job-seeking skills, from interview preparation to resume writing, and build the network students need to succeed in their careers after PTC. The friendly staffers in the Career Services Office use the College Central Network to find opportunities to help students complete their training in one of PTC’s hands-on, career-focused classes, build their resumes, and find the perfect job for them.

I posed a few questions to Rosa, Anderson, and Loretta in the Career Services Office to find out a little more about the services they provide to help you build your dream career. Here are a few of their responses.

First, as Jenise Rosa pointed out, the staffers are not career counselors, but rather career advisors, an important distinction. PTC’s career advisors will help you develop the tools you need to build your career with what you have now.

Rosa explained their role and how they achieve their goals to me:

“There are many facets to supporting students throughout this process…the first being to ensure that they are in the program that is the best fit for them based on their interest, skills, strengths, and their family. Throughout their program, our team provides students with many resources and opportunities to guide them. Some of these include participation in CTSOs (Career and Technical Student Organizations) which gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at the district, state, and potentially national level, employment fairs, web-based job search engines (College Career Network), internships, job shadowing, etc.”

These professionals can help you with all aspects of your job search before and after you leave PTC, including “supporting students with resume writing and interview preparation all of which are integral and vital to a successful job search.”

Some of their biggest challenges this school year will be dealing with all of the changes coming to the school and to help students by providing expanding services: “This year there are many changes that are being put in place at Pickens – we all know that change can be scary at times and that it is also critical for our changing and ever-evolving world. Our Career Services department will be working towards a more comprehensive support structure for our students in order to increase recruitment, retainment, engagement, and employment.”

So the Career Services Office will become even more accessible and useful for students to get the right job for them after their time at PTC. In order to get the most out of this staff and all the help, they can give you, check in with them, show your face, work with them to set yourself up for success after you have received all the training and education you need for a great career.