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Did you know that there is a huge “workplace gap” in the Denver Metro Area? Hopefully, I’m not the first to tell you that, as a student at Pickens Technical College, you have unusual access to careers that can advance quickly and lead to lucrative, fulfilling work. The national economy has been on the rebound for some time and the Denver Metro Area has been one of the frontrunners in terms of opportunity for qualified, trained workers to take advantage of.

I’m not just a guy typing nonsense on a computer surrounded by a large collection of pet beetles. Jamie Merisotis, the president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, a local company, said in a recent conference of rising Denver-area businesses and organizations that “two million jobs are unfilled because of a lack of qualified employees.”

The numbers back him up. A recent study on Colorado employment found that middle-skill jobs that require some education beyond high school but not necessarily a four-year degree or higher comprise about 47 percent of all jobs in the state. However, only 36 percent of the Colorado workforce is qualified to take these jobs. This has caused rising and expanding companies, especially within industries that typically employ highly specialized workers, like healthcare and information technology, to scramble to find bright, young employees to rejuvenate their companies. Do you live in Colorado? Yes. Do you want a career?

Yes. Then get trained in the precise skillset you’ll need to grab one of the positions at many booming companies in booming industries here in Colorado, dummy. Companies offering workers huge opportunities for growth and development desperately need your help.

Technical degrees and certificates are hot right now in the Denver area because companies need employees that are correctly qualified to help them continue to expand and add value. You’re smart enough to begin or extend your educational journey to adulthood and a happy career by choosing PTC, now it’s time to be smart enough to take advantage of this workplace gap while you still can. PTC is plugged into the surrounding community and routinely funnels bright students to rising companies in the area. Use these connections. I can’t tell you enough how important creating a strong network of people who can help you and bail you out is.

Use PTC’s network to find companies that need workers they can develop and pay well to help them grow and prosper long into the future. Smart companies know that getting workers who are qualified just right (not over- and not under-) into the right positions will help them go far. Be one of those fast risers at a profitable company by developing the skills you need at PTC and by plugging into PTC’s vast network of successful companies in the area. Or start your own company.

PTC offers nearly 50 certificate programs to adults and high school students who plan on entering a specialized field. Even those who want to move on to a four-year university to finish up their Bachelor’s degree can find resources at PTC to get their basic graduation requirements out of the way.