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It’s August, people, and like it or not, it’s nearly time to go back to school. Here at Pickens Technical College, we’re all excited to get back to helping you put your best foot forward on your path to professional happiness with our excellent professors and experience-oriented classes. No matter what class you’re taking here at PTC, you’re going to spend at least some time in the classroom. I know, you’d rather be out there learning in the real world, and for many programs at PTC, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. However, you will also need to break out the pens and pencils, and notebooks to absorb the critical lessons your experienced teachers will lay down.

You know you’ll need something to write with and write on (or just a computer), but here are a few back-to-school items that you may not be thinking of for your return to the classroom this fall:

Portable Stapler

Think of all the Office Space jokes you could make when someone borrows your stapler. In all seriousness, think of all the times you have needed only one staple but you can’t find a stapler anywhere in the classroom. This is one of those things you forget about until the moment you absolutely need it. Keeping a little stapler for your backpack also beats walking around with a million paper clips lose in your smallest backpack pocket.

Correction Fluid or Tape

For quick, on-the-go corrections for schoolwork, quickly erase any embarrassing typos or mistakes in your papers before you turn them in with this handy item. Whiting out or taping over a mistake looks more professional than drawing a line through it or scribbling it out. They are usually pocket-sized and inexpensive and can be a very useful item to throw in your backpack before school.

Stain Remover Pen

You may not need this handy ‘oops’ device to quickly remove stains from your clothes if you have the gracefulness of a ballerina, or if you don’t care about coffee stains. But if you’re like me and getting through a day without slopping some sort of staining liquid or condiment on your clothes is a small victory, investing in this item can save you the embarrassment of walking into class with messed up clothes. Try to find these pens in keychain form for added convenience.

Back to school time is right around the corner, like it or not, and you’ll have a better time in the classroom if you’re prepared. Sometimes, just the act of getting your back-to-school items together for the first day of school can help you get in that mindset of homework, studying, and taking notes. So while you’re browsing for pencils, pens, notebooks, and textbooks, make sure you load up on some of these underrated and often forgotten back-to-school items before the first day comes. The better prepared you are in advance, the faster all those classroom hours will flit by on your way to a great career after PTC.