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Andrew B

Pickens is a really great school with very knowledgeable instructors. I did my LPN program here together with my wife ( both LPN’s now working towards our RN). She got pregnant during school and the instructors were really understanding and supporting. We really had a great experience and I will recommend this school any day, anytime to anyone who’s considering taking up classes over there. And Oh IT’S VERY AFFORDABLE!

Ariana B

I was registered in the graphic design program as a concurrent enrollment student my senior year. The office people were always very helpful with everything that I needed, and my teacher was fantastic and always willing to work with me. I am so glad I got the opportunity to go here.

Karen E

My son is a Junior in Aurora, CO. I stopped in to check out the programs. A counselor was available to answer all my questions. I set up a time to look at the programs with my son to look at his options. Very Professional.