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As a graduate of Pickens Technical College and one of its excellent nursing programs, Nurse Aide and Practical Nursing, you have many options open to you. PTC’s nursing programs prepare all students for long and lucrative careers in the medical field, and there are plenty of companies and organizations looking for qualified nurses to help them in Colorado alone.

Healthcare remains one of the fastest-growing industries in Colorado and across the country. Good nurses are still in short supply and the demand for qualified and specialized nurses is still strong.

One of the many Colorado organizations looking for qualified nurses coming out of PTC is the Visiting Nurse Association of Colorado (VNA).

The VNA delivers “care with integrity, expertise, and professionalism, respecting the dignity of every individual.” To the VNA, home health, hospice, and wellness services are the key to filling out the healthcare system so that all individuals can expect to be treated with respect and to have their best interests cared for. The VNA primarily concerns itself with the following health services:

Community Wellness-

clinics, mental health first aid, CPR training, and more

Immunizations and Biometrics-

onsite clinics dealing with patients susceptible to the flu and pneumonia, and health risk assessments

Personal Care-

personal grooming and dressing assistance for the physically incapable

Home Making Services-

light housekeeping, meal prep, shopping, and nutrition assistance

Skilled Nursing-

wound care, medication management, and infusion therapy

Rehabilitative Therapies-

physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy

Palliative Services-

medical social workers, symptom and pain management

Hospice Care-

physical, psychological, and spiritual life-limiting illness care

In order to do all this in the community, the VNA needs more skilled nurses and medical workers.

PTC prepares students to enter organizations like this and make a difference. The VNA is the state’s leading nonprofit health care agency, working with people around the state and their families to reach everyone who needs care, regardless of their personal situation. As the healthcare system gets more and more technologically complex, with electronic medical records taking the place of doctor’s charts and clipboards, workers with experience in using new technology will be needed. That’s why the Nursing Aide program at PTC prepares students to handle new ways of providing ongoing care in extended care facilities, hospitals, and home health organizations like the VNA.

PTC graduates have bright futures ahead of them, no matter what they studied. Nursing aides and practical nurses will have an easier time finding employment opportunities than most, especially in Colorado. The VNA is one of many examples of healthcare organizations looking for qualified workers to help them in their important missions. If you’re looking for a good way to serve the community and get your career in healthcare started on the right foot, the VNA could be the answer for you. The VNA has a history of hiring PTC graduates for many positions helping people in the community solve their health issues and lead better, happier lives.