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Pickens Technical College is proud to be involved in the Aurora Public Schools’ Executive Internship Program, providing students with real-world experience they can use in their future careers. As you know by now from reading this blog, PTC is all about providing real-world experiences for all of its students with programs that emphasize a hands-on approach and teach students how to get a job in the field of their choice.

The Executive Internship Program (EIP) presents students with numerous awards, most notably $1000 in scholarships donated by EIP Advisory Board members. High school students Kourtney Grunlien and Emily Hanrahan earned $500 in scholarships each. Students were also recognized for their volunteer service experience. Twenty-four students who volunteered 100 hours earned Bronze awards, while Silver awards were given to nine students who volunteered 175 hours, and Gold awards were given to four students who volunteered 250 hours.

Interns in this program volunteer for at least 100 hours with sponsors and attend an additional sixty hours of instructional time in the classroom learning valuable workplace skills that translate to most industries. EIP sponsors gave students this school year real-world experiences and the opportunity to test out different career fields before committing to them.

The EIP has inspired many students to continue a different kind of education. One that prepares them for a working trade in less time (read: money) than a traditional, four-year institution. Earning a four-year degree is great, but for the students who want to work in a lucrative field like auto repair sooner rather than later, PTC is the place to learn a trade and gain experience working in that field along the way.

PTC is proud to be a part of the Aurora Public Schools community and loves to help students succeed in the Aurora Public Schools pipeline and beyond. Offering a worthy program like the EIP is one of the many ways PTC works within its surrounding community to help young people succeed.

The school year is over at PTC, but prospective students can apply for the EIP at their high school and learn how classes are taught at PTC, as well as what to expect in their professional lives after college there next year. There will likely be many participants in this program again, clamoring to get the same advantages that others in past EIP graduating classes have gotten. PTC hopes to see many more students involved in its Executive Internship Program going forward and keep putting students in the best position to succeed.