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In the Pickens Technical College’s Early Childhood Education program, students are given all of the resources they need to prepare for a long career in childcare and/or early childhood education. Instructor Kim Goode’s course is designed to put students in a position to work as a teacher’s assistant in a childcare center, preschool, or elementary school. Some of the concepts that Goode teaches to her students at PTC are taught to future teachers in education courses as well. Goode helps students get their feet in the doors of daycare and early education centers like Bright Horizons with the skills they need to hit the ground running.

Bright Horizons is a national company with daycare centers located here in the Denver area. The company is a top provider of preschools and early education to kids all over the country. They need accomplished employees with experience working with kids because of the great things they strive to help children with, like nurturing every child’s unique potential, helping support families and communities where they operate, building family-friendly workplaces with employers that need their services, and creating a work environment for themselves that is diverse and all-inclusive.

Bright Horizons has four childcare centers in the Denver area. These centers love to hire recent PTC graduates from Goode’s Early Childhood Education program because they know they are being trained well for a career in this field. It wouldn’t be a PTC course without some strong, hands-on training working with children. Students in the program participate in an internship at the Kids Tech Childcare Program, sponsored by the Aurora Public School District and Pickens Tech. This allows students to interact with children and build on their classroom instruction in a real work setting.

Since the Early Childhood Education program at PTC prepares students with real on-the-job training, Bright Horizons daycare centers throughout the Denver area are eager to put recent graduates of this program to the test at their facilities. Their experience is crucial to success in the childcare industry. Bright Horizons has seen success from many of the PTC graduates they have employed over the years. Being involved with Aurora Public Schools doesn’t hurt, either.

If you’re interested in braving the germs and working with young children, check out Kim Goode’s Early Childhood Education program. Not only will you learn the basics of how to care for children in a daycare and preschool setting, but you’ll also learn how to protect yourself from those runny noses and booger hands as well—a very valuable skill indeed while you gain experience watching children.