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Pickens Technical College has countless success stories. Students who have come through the programs and classes here have gone on to successful careers throughout the Denver metro area and beyond. No matter what industry you hope to break into, you can get the best preparation for your time and money right here at PTC.

PTC’s instructors design their classes to expose their students to as many hands-on opportunities as possible. The idea is to expose students to the kind of work they’ll be getting paid to do after they graduate from Pickens. Classroom studying will always be necessary for learning, but PTC emphasizes skills training in similar environments to professional settings.

One of the many PTC graduates to take advantage of this experiential learning opportunity is Luis Coria. Luis is one of the many successful PTC graduates living and working in the Denver area, using his experience and connections to build the career he loves. Luis came to PTC to study Graphic Design. Like the many, many up-and-coming Graphic Designers out there, he found cutting his teeth in this industry difficult, but, using his advantage at PTC, he created the opportunities he was looking for.

I asked him a few questions about his experiences at PTC and how he created the success he’s experienced so far after graduating:

After Graduating From Pickens, What Do You Do Now? How Did Pickens Prepare You for Your Current Position?

After Pickens, I took an Internship that would help me prepare more for the career field I wish to pursue as a Graphic Designer while also work[ing] on [launching] my own business as a freelance Designer and Photographer.

What Made You Want to Attend Pickens in the First Place? Did You Feel Any Uncertainty That You Made the Right Choice?

At first, when I was attending high school, I was taking a small photography class, it has always been a hobby of mine but when my counselor had mentioned Pickens, I then wanted to take my hobby to the next level and go pro. While attending Pickens I learned even more about what Pickens has to offer and from there I wanted to get more involved with Pickens and I even took two more classes. Uncertainty about my choice? Not at all!

Describe the Moment or Moments That Made You Feel Like You’d Made the Right Choice in Pickens.

The moment that made me feel I made the right choice is mainly I was happy. I [was] always happy to go to Pickens and I was always eager to learn something new and [was] ready to get involved with Pickens in any way, shape or form.

Luis works with advertising agencies and other clients in the Denver area. You might even recognize him from some of PTC’s videos posted on its Facebook page. Luis was a brand ambassador and resident video expert, showing up on-screen to report on many of the events around PTC in the past. He took advantage of the opportunities in front of him and worked a little extra to take full advantage of the education he received at PTC as a Graphic Designer.