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Tia Boswell, the Human Resources Director for Home Instead Senior Care, insists that joining the Home Instead team as what she and her colleagues call CAREGivers “is not limited to only those in medical centered programs.” She says that she looks for “a desire to serve and support seniors and their families in our community” when evaluating new job candidates for positions at the senior services company.

Home Instead was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1994 by Lori and Paul Hogan. Paul saw the need for better independent home care when he started caring for his grandmother. He and Lori were inspired to create a company that helped the elderly without resorting to the typical question that families find themselves contending with all over the world: what should we do with our aging parents and grandparents? Instead of moving back home or moving mom and dad to a nursing home, the Hogans wanted to make a third option more available: quality in-home care.

Home Instead used a franchise model to expand their philosophy and services around the world. In addition to a local Denver office, Home Instead has facilities that provide in-home care to seniors from Topeka, Kansas to Tokyo.

As Boswell alluded to, you don’t have to complete a health sciences degree at Pickens Technical College to join the Home Instead team, but PTC has several programs that will certainly help you on your journey in the elderly or in-home care industry, such as the Medical Assistant, Nurse Aide, and the Practical Nursing programs.

Boswell says that Home Instead employees sometimes go back to school to improve their job training: “CAREGiver Allison Wilson came to Home Instead Senior Care (HISC) to assist seniors in her community. Once in the position, she wanted to know more, so that she could be available to do more! She sought out the C.N.A. program at PTC.” Boswell is a former member of the Certified Nurse Aide program’s advisory board. She came to understand from her time there “the time, dedication and commitment PTC students must put into their studies to graduate from the program. That dedication comes through when they are on the job and working in the homes of our clients.” Boswell knows the skills and experience that PTC graduates bring to the table when they apply for positions at Home Instead.

Home Instead has fostered a community in Denver over the years that has made it a popular alternative to nursing homes and retirement communities. The options for elderly care are expanding, and Home Instead hopes to be at the forefront of that expansion, offering highly-trained, compassionate, and qualified home caregivers to their clients throughout the area. Boswell says, “Our clients and their families heavily rely and depend on that quality care.” If you want to be a part of this growing industry and join a team dedicated to helping local elderly patients remain cared for while living in their own homes, contact Boswell at Home Instead and see what opportunities could be awaiting you.