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Whether you’re studying web design, graphic design, illustration, page layout, or print design, the Pickens Graphic Design program prepares you for a visual artist’s dream career. You’ve already learned the basic principles and elements of design, studied typography and color theory, and you’ve learned how to create layouts and artwork that exemplify these principles using some of the same software the pros use. Pretty soon you’ll be moving into the world of cutting-edge software that you’ll find on the job. With focused studies on creating logos and advertising collateral, by the end of the program, you’ll be ready to jump into a lucrative career doing what you love.

One of the components of the Graphic Design program at Pickens is web design. The Internet is the future of advertising, and businesses large and small need talented designers to create their websites and enhance their overall web presence.

Of course, there are hundreds of companies in Colorado during our current tech boom that consult with companies and design websites. Last week, the Business-to-Business research, reviews, and rating firm Clutch released its list of the top web design companies in the United States. If you’re looking for the next step in your graphic design career, consider these Colorado companies recognized by Clutch:

Unleaded Group

According to Clutch, Unleaded provides web design services as part of the larger advertising and e-commerce package they provide customers. Located in Denver, Unleaded has a culture of focus and customer-facing work. Reviews from several heralded businesses around town show that the team here is always looking for talented designers who can deliver.


NewMedia provides full marketing services to businesses in the Denver area. Its portfolio includes mostly web design projects for companies trying to broaden their web presence. In addition to designing the websites for their customers, NewMedia’s team also includes Search Engine Optimization specialists and digital marketing strategists.

NewMedia is probably the most decorated web design company on this list, earning a Mashable Global Award and frequently appearing on lists of the best software companies in the US and in Colorado. If you’re a talented web designer, you’ll find a challenging and fast-paced home here.


Located in Louisville, Angle180 has many team members ready and waiting to deliver top-notch web design and digital strategy solutions. Be prepared to work with other web development and digital marketing experts in teams that help local manufacturing and commercial contracting firms in the Denver area and beyond.

The Sky’s the Limit

These three fine companies would make a great home for a talented graphic designer trained and schooled at Pickens. These companies are examples of what your professional life could look like after the Graphic Design program. With all of them and the many other Colorado digital marketing and design companies, you’ll have the opportunity to go far within the organization and build your skills for a long and lucrative career in web design.