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Pickens Technical College’s Construction Technology program prepares students to use the emerging technology that is changing the construction field every day. If you join the Construction Technology program, you’ll get real-world experience not only in the day-to-day work of a construction expert, you’ll also get insight into how construction teams are managed, how job sites are managed, and how a project goes from blueprint to concrete and steel. 

Colorado has a booming construction industry, particularly in the Denver metro area. Even under state, county, and city, shelter-in-place orders, construction projects are still ongoing under some restrictions. While the larger economic and health effects of the coronavirus have yet to be fully understood, the construction industry appears to be one of the least-affected sectors right now. 

If you’re interested in trying a career in construction, Pickens sets you up for success, with hands-on training on real job sites coupled with a firm grasp of construction theory and management to back it up. 

Construction an Essential Business

Even after stay-at-home orders were issued in late March and early April, construction businesses were allowed to operate under some restrictions. Construction crews had to be smaller and supervisors had to keep workers apart from each other as much as possible. The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE) has required all construction workers showing symptoms of COVID or the flu to not go to work. Managers and supervisors were also instructed to focus on construction tasks and projects that were truly critical to their job, while smaller projects, such as residential work, are being de-prioritized so construction crews can focus on essential jobs and return to the smaller projects when the stay-at-home order is lifted this month. 

These restrictions do cost construction crews time and money, but it’s better than shutting down all construction projects in the state. 

Issues Going Forward

The construction industry proved it can survive the storm of COVID-related shutdowns in Colorado, but how it recovers could depend on workers like you. Getting jobs right now in any industry is tough, and with reduced work crews on projects stretching into May in the Denver area, the job market could still be depressed. But if you graduate from the Pickens Construction Technology program, you’ll have an advantage when construction work and hiring get back to normal. 

There is plenty of concern that it could be a long time before many industries that were thriving across the state return to normal. In comparison, the construction industry appears to be set up to avoid Armageddon due to its ‘essential’ status. But there could be factors that we haven’t anticipated that could keep hampering the construction industry going forward. 

The relaxation of the stay-at-home orders starting this month could cause virus infection rates to spike again, and if it’s found that a large portion of construction workers was infected, the CDPHE could rethink its rules for social distancing on construction sites. 

With so much uncertainty out there, one thing that will help you navigate this strange time in education. Consider Pickens’ Construction Technology program a great place to start your educational journey.